This project was without a doubt the biggest learning experience of my Computer Science career. Many new concepts were struggled with, understood and perfected throughout the course of the project. An estimated 400 hours were sunk into the conception, development and implementation time of the project.

Execution of the concept

Personally, I feel as though the application in it's current states does fulfils the main goal of the project, an online platform to access exam paper and collaborate with fellow coursemates. It indeed is missing a couple of features due to time constraints however there was no technical challenge too great. It was only the limitations imposed by circumstance and environment (e.g. the exam papers in PDF format) that forced the project to evolve beyond some requirements laid out in the initial project definition document.

Closing word

Looking back on the entire project, it was a fantastic experience. The amount of new knowledge acquired is immeasurable along with the newfound understanding of personal capabilities. The project concept was not chosen because it was easy, but in fact the opposite. It was chosen because it was difficult and I would have to exceed my personal limitations to get results.

Apologies for any frustrating formatting errors. I took a chance doing this report in a new service call Gitbook which publishes the report online and in many formats. It's buggy in places and comes with the sacrifice of many formatting.